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yapeSDL is a decent multiplatform no-nonsense Commodore plus/4 and 64 emulator written in C++ using the SDL 2.0 media API.

yapeSDL is the sister project of tedplay, a multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, HTML5 etc), multisystem Commodore emulator. It is using the excellent SDL 2.0 library for video, audio and game control.


- full, cycle exact MOS 6510/7501 CPU emulation
- almost full TED 7360 chip emulation on two levels (fast or accurate)
- partial VIC-II emulation
- SID emulation
- real 1541 drive emulation
- almost full tape emulation
- joystick emulation via numeric keys and gamepad
- PRG, T64, D64 and TAP image format support
- partial CRT emulation
- fake disk LOAD/SAVE to the file system in +4 mode

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